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Welcome! If you are new to PLANT!T® Professional Growing, this page should help clear up a lot of commonly asked questions.

Q. Who are PLANT!T®?

A. PLANT!T® are a UK based company that offer a range of products for all your indoor and outdoor growing needs – from systems and irrigation to growing media and pots.

Q. Where are the PLANT!T® products designed and assembled?

A. PLANT!T® are proud of the fact that all our products are designed and assembled in the UK.

Q. What systems do PLANT!T® offer?

A. PLANT!T® offer a range of different hydroponic systems – Flood and Drain, recirculating (single and multi-pot) and deep water culture.

Q. Why should I use PLANT!T® products?

A. All PLANT!T® products have been designed to the highest specifications to ensure that not only do they perform with excellent results, they look stylish too. The range is easy to set up, operate and maintain. PLANT!T® products are suitable for all types of gardener, including commercial growers, keen hobbyists and even those new to gardening.

Q. Where can I buy PLANT!T® products?

A. To find your nearest PLANT!T® dealer, please use the retailer locator found on this website.

Q. I am a retailer, how do I stock PLANT!T® products?

A. PLANT!T® is a HydroGarden brand, so fill out the contact form or call 02476 651500 for more information.

Q. What is flood and drain?

A. Flood and Drain is a recirculating timed hydroponic system. This method is also known as Ebb & Flow and Ebb & Flood. The main principal of Flood and Drain is to bring fresh water and nutrients to the root zone, therefore flooding the system and then drawing fresh air (oxygen) to the root zone, therefore draining the system.

Q. What is a recirculating hydroponic system?

A. This is where plants are supported and grown in a media, such as Clay Pebbles and they are suspended above a tank filled with nutrient solution. The nutrient solution is pumped through the clay pebbles, via a flow-ring, direct to the roots of the plant. This draws vital oxygen into the nutrient solution as it works its way to the plant roots and ensures great growing roots.

Q. What is Deep Water Culture?

A. Deep Water Culture is a technique whereby plant roots are suspended into a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Roots are exposed to high levels of dissolved oxygen, which increases metabolic activity and promotes rapid growth. The bubbles from an air stone keep the water constantly moving and oxygen-rich, so the roots stay healthy and your plants grow happily.

Q. Why is it important to monitor EC and pH levels?

A. It is important to monitor both the EC and pH levels of your hydroponic system as if they are not within the optimum range, mineral deficiencies can occur.
This is why the PLANT!T® hydroponic systems make it easy for you to keep track of these levels by having easily removable covers.

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