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100th birthday celebrations at The Chelsea Flower Show

100th birthday celebrations at The Chelsea Flower Show

HydroGarden's Plant!t has joined forces with Horticolous, Suttons Seeds, Solardome Industries and Paignton Zoo to showcase the future of growing at The Chelsea Flower Show.

This is the first time HydroGarden has appeared at this prestigious gardening event.

The RHS is celebrating 100 years of Chelsea in 2013. HydroGarden is proud to be involved in ‘The Secret Garden of Past & Present’, working together with Suttons Seeds, Paignton Zoo, Solardome Industries and Horticolous Landscape & Garden Design.

Moving on a journey through time, visitors will experience an old glass house with period plantings, including vegetables and a cutting garden. They will be taken by surprise as they are led into a contemporary garden, featuring an ultra-modern Solardome Glasshouse, housing cutting edge soilless growing techniques from HydroGarden, including hydroponics and aquaponics.

The Future of Gardening is Available Today!

The following ranges are featured in ‘The Secret Garden of Past & Present’:


Editor NOTES

HydroGarden has been supplying specialist hydroponic equipment to the trade since February 1996. As a world market leader, HydroGarden supplies retailers, commercial growers, research organisations and educational establishments.


Come and see a working FishPlant aquaponic system in the Solardome Glasshouse. Suttons’ ‘Cucamelon Usherette Girls’ will be on hand to tempt you with their Cucamelon and Electric Daisy tasters!

DATE: Monday 20th May

TIME: 1.20pm

WHERE: Floral Marquee – The ‘Secret Garden of Past & Present’

For more information, visit www.gardenofthefuture.co.uk

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