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PLANT!T® aeros module

Aerated DWC hydroponic system

For a Deep Water Culture (DWC) system of 5 pots or more, choose the flexibility of the aeros module. The aeros module is the basic kit supplied with a budget golf ball airstone and no pump. This gives you the option of creating a multi-pot system suitable to your needs, by simply adding an air supply.

Select the number of aeros modules you need and then purchase an air supply to suit. Add clay pebbles and off you grow! For large systems of 5 pots or more, a controller reservoir for recirculation is preferable. You can also upgrade your airstone to the disc type for more oxygen to the roots.

For further information on how to do this, please consult your retailer.

The airstone provides a large amount of oxygen to the roots of the plant, resulting in rapid growth. The bubbles produced by the airstone keep the nutrient/water solution constantly moving and oxygen-rich, so that the roots stay healthy.

It is important to monitor EC and pH levels closely with this system in order to gain optimum results. This is easy to do by simply removing the inspection port cover and taking a pH/EC reading.

The PLANT!T® aeros module benefits:

Approx. W 357mm/D 353mm/H 303mm

PLANT!T® aeros module product specification PDF


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