Herb Garden

The PLANT!T Herb Garden is a handy all-in-one self-watering system that will allow you to grow fresh herbs and lettuces in your home. LEARN MORE

Circular Water Timer

The PLANT!T Circular Water Timer can be used with mains water from a tap outlet, or with a gravity feed system from a tank, water butt or reservoir. LEARN MORE

Dirt Pots

The PLANT!T Dirt Pot offers value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts. Made from porous breathable fabric, PLANT!T Dirt Pots allow your plants to thrive, promote exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth. LEARN MORE


The PLANT!T GoGro System is the definitive self-watering pot system, requiring minimal upkeep and engineered to provide maximum yield and versatility. LEARN MORE

Flexible Tanks

The PLANT!T Flexible Tank is ideal for water storage in the garden and perfect to collect rainwater run-off. It is made of a durable material that is ideal for all sorts outdoor use and as a nutrient tank to be used on hydroponic systems. LEARN MORE


PLANT!T Perlite has been used by gardeners the world over for many years. When you want to improve drainage of your chosen media, then use perlite. LEARN MORE

About Us

PLANT!T® offers a range of products for your indoor and outdoor growing needs, from growing media and pots to complete hydroponic systems.

We started off with a range of different hydroponic systems – Flood and Drain, Recirculating (single and multi-pot) and Deep Water Culture and over the years developed a range of products to help you control and enhance your growing environment. All our hydroponic systems are designed and manufactured for quick and easy assembly and make growing bigger and better plants easier than ever! PLANT!T® hydroponic systems are suitable for all types of gardener, including commercial growers, keen hobbyists and even those new to gardening.

Our systems can be used almost everywhere from commercial greenhouses to offices and at home.

Why choose PLANT!T® hydroponic systems:

Excellent results

Stylish design to utilise any given growing space

Manufactured using quality materials

Quiet running