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Increase your growing success rates with PLANTIT® growing media

Value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts.

Great value indoor, outdoor tanks and trays from PLANTIT®

Grow more with less work with PLANTIT® Systems and Irrigation


PLANT!T® offers a range of products for your indoor and outdoor growing needs. From PLANT!T® Perlite and PLANT!T® Vermiculite to our PLANT!T® Dirt Pots, PLANT!T® Auto Top-Up Kit and PLANT!T® Systems, PLANT!T® products bring you success with ‘all year round’ growing.

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  • "Easy to use and robust systems for the busy home gardener who wants to gain the benefits of hydroponics"

    Kevin Frediani
    Curator of Plants

    Paignton Zoo
  • Looks fantastic in our office and is going to be a bumper harvest this year!
    Jane Piercy

    Fat Fish Aquatics
  • It’s so neat, compact and easy to maintain, definitely the way to grow!
    Dan Powell

    Aqua Allotments
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PLANT!T® products bring you success with ‘all year round’ growing.
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