GoGro Style

GoGro Style brings colour and nature to a growers’ home or outdoor area. GoGro’s modular self-watering design means your system can be built to fit any space, from living rooms to gardens, patios or even balconies – the possibilities are endless, and now brighter and more stylish!

The larger 28.5 L pots are now available in three beautiful colours; white, lime green and purple. Each pot is fully UV resistant and frost proof meaning they can handle the most adverse weather conditions. GoGro is exceptionally easy to install and use, meaning it suits all growing levels.


Say goodbye to daily watering!

GoGro’s clever self-watering tray and valve prevents over/under watering meaning your plants will stay healthier for longer with minimal upkeep! Simply set up your GoGro modules using the parts provided, place in your desired location, plant your favourite flowers, fill up the reservoir, and let GoGro handle the rest! Please make sure your reservoir is raised a minimum of 50cm above the level of your pots allowing gravity to take control.


No power? No problem!

GoGro Style is a gravity fed system that does not require any plumbing, electricity or even growing expertise! Its uniquely designed tray and collar prevents algae build up by blocking sunlight reaching the water under each pot; this is a common issue with standard pots and trays in greenhouses or gardens that can cause many growing problems.


GoGro Style is simple, stylish and gives you amazing results!

Box contains: 3 x 28.5 L pots (relevant colour), 45 L reservoir with lid, 3 x GoGro tray, 3 x GoGro tray collar (relevant colour), 3 x tray lids (relevant colour), 3 x GoGro valve and lid, 3 metres of 4mm tubing, 3 L clay pebbles, 3 x root control discs, 12 x GoGro valve pillar supports, 3 x 4mm inlet grommets, 2 x 4mm barbed tee, 1 x 4mm inline valve, 1 x 4mm reservoir filter and membrane.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.