Fruit Booster 250ml

PLANT!T Fruit Booster is a PK additive containing optimised levels of readily available phosphorus and potassium in an ideally accessible form for uptake by your plants. It also contains magnesium and sulphate which enhance plants utilisation of phosphorus and potassium.

PLANT!T Fruit Booster is a superior flowering stimulant that causes an acceleration of the flowering response in your plants resulting in a huge increase in both crop yield and quality. Thanks to its unique composition it is suitable for use during the whole flowering period. PLANT!T Fruit Booster encourages the reproductive processes of the plant to redirect more energy into flowering and fruiting. It provides the necessary phosphorus and potassium to your plants without a risk of stressing them with too high EC levels.

Key Features:

  • Increases yields and taste of all crops
  • Accelerates the reproductive processes and encourages plants to redirect more energy into flowering and fruiting
  • Unique potassium and phosphorus additive for use throughout the flowering period alongside your main nutrient feed
  • Contains magnesium and sulphate which aid the uptake of phosphorus and potassium as well as being fundamental in photosynthesis

You can purchase PLANT!T Fruit Booster online HERE.