For lateral or sculptural training of plant supporting fruiting trusses. Use for orchids, roses, carnations, tomatoes and when growing under lights to train unruly crops.

The YoYo automatically tightens as the plant grows, offering support and sculptural training and therefore removing the need to constantly adjust the device. It can also be locked into position with the locking pin to support heavy cropping stems.

The spring inside the YoYo is made from stainless steel which extends the life of the material and allows it to keep its properties longer. The cover is UV stabilised to allow for long life in sunny conditions.



The YoYo can be suspended and removed with one hand and includes 170 cm of extension wire. They can also be joined to one another or to a fixed piece of twine to enable extra length to be gained.

If growing under lights in a greenhouse or indoors, you can run string or wire at the top of your room to suspend the YoYo from. Then use the YoYo to train problem trusses away from any light hotspot or dark area.