Dirt Pots

Ever tried the amazing benefits of air pruning? No? Well if you haven’t and you grow in coco coir or soil then you should.

As your plant grows, it sends out roots into the soil from the main tap root and as they reach the bottom or side of a pot, they will start to circle it. Having taken a plant out of a pot you will have seen a mass of circling roots at the base, this clumping of roots is commonly known as a rootbound plant and it can seriously reduce nutrient uptake. If a root makes contact with light and air it will stop growing and this is known as air pruning.

With the unique micro porous fabric that has been specially developed for the PLANT!T Dirt Pot, when your roots hit the side they will try to grow through the material and not circle around it. As the root grows through and reaches the air it is pruned and stops growing. The plant will now focus on sending out many secondary roots from the pruned root, these secondary roots will then also grow through the pot and be pruned and the whole process repeats. Eventually you get a pot that is full of active roots with no circling. Dirt Pots can be used outside, in or out of the soil, and can be used to control a root ball allowing you to lift and move plants out of the soil that has been dug in.

Stronger roots + more roots = a plant that will grow better and have improved nutrient uptake.

Due to its breathable nature, the media needs to be kept moist. If the media dries out then the fabric can come away from the media, thus leaving a space for water to drop down the sides and a dehydrated plant. For this reason we recommend that you irrigate from the top with a PLANT!T Watering Ring or drippers.

The Square Dirt Pots have reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric, so they won’t tear when supporting even the heaviest crop. Incorporated into the design of the 4 larger sizes are handles to allow for moving your crops and loops to take canes for plant support.

PLANT!T Dirt Pot benefits:

  • No root circling = better nutrient uptake and growth
  • More root development = increased nutrient uptake and growth
  • Breathable, mico-porous fabric provides superior aeration and manages plant temperatures, keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter, compared with a black plastic pot or plastic air pruning pots
  • Multi use – use with soil or in hydro systems, offers the same benefits with coir, mapito or clay pebbles
  • Made from very heavy duty material that can be used time after time

PLANT!T Dirt Pots come in both round and square designs and a range of different sizes.