24 Site Clone System

Need help making clones of plants? The PLANT!T 24 site clone system helps create the correct environment for your plants to take root and thrive. The 24 clone sites mean that the clones are able to multiple quicker. The different coloured neoprene collars mean that growers can easily keep track of different plants or those that are different ages, which improves the organisation of a busy grow room environment. Add a bubble to your system for increased aeration for your nutrients with the reservoir with an added air stone hole. The 5 head manifold allows the roots to keep wet and fed at all times, whilst increasing the amount of contact they have with air. That would result in, clones taking to root quicker.


  • Easy to use collapsible humidity dome
  • Highly economical
  • Different coloured neoprene collars included
  • Adjustable air vents on humidity dome
  • Science behind the product

The 24-clone system sprays the root/rootzone in water using mist/droplets. In this case by pumping water through the nozzle attachment.

This system uses aeroponics, meaning less intervention by the grower is required.

It is suitable for use to quickly get clones to root as the plants are small and manageable, where as it might be fraught with more risk if you were to use aeroponics for a 24 fully sized plants (with increasing complexity of any system comes increasing risk of failure).